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Modifying Support And Custody Arrangements To Reflect Your Current Situation

When support or custody arrangements are made, they reflect the current situation of both parties. However, a given fact of life is that situations change. People may lose their job or receive a promotion. Schedules can become more or less available. As children get older, their needs change.

If you need to change your support or custody obligations, it is important to work with a Knoxville post-decree modification attorney who can help you change the decree to accurately match your current situation. At Underwood Law Office, P.C., that is exactly what you will find.

Attorney Underwood has more than 20 years of experience helping individuals in East Tennessee change their child support, child custody and spousal support arrangements.

Chattanooga Parenting Plan Modification Lawyer

When the divorce is final, there is a parenting plan in existence. This details how many days each parent spends with the child. This includes how many days you have with the child and how much each spouse pays or receives in child support.

There are numerous things that may necessitate a post-decree modification. If you have a material change in circumstances, you may be able to modify your existing arrangements, including:

  • Returning from or leaving for active military duty
  • Job loss
  • Promotion
  • Parental relocation

If you are involved in any of those situations, an experienced lawyer can help protect your parental and financial rights and obligations. Contact the firm online or call 865-329-6983 to schedule your free initial consultation.



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