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A Knoxville Fathers’ Rights Attorney You can Trust

Divorce is a substantial and drastic change of life to all involved parties. You are worried that no one is on your side. You are worried that a mother’s custody is a foregone conclusion. You are worried about an unfair property division. You are afraid of being shut out of your child’s life. Let me worry for you. It is my job to make sure your rights are protected during this turbulent time. I will stand by you and fight for you the entire way.

As an experienced and trusted Knoxville fathers’ rights attorney, the Underwood Law Office, P.C. is in position to help you keep your rights following a divorce. Right now, my experience is your best weapon.

Tennessee Paternity Lawyer on Your Side

There are many issues that surround cases dealing with fathers’ rights:

  • Child support and custody: Your child’s future is important and I will work to make sure a fair agreement is reached.
  • Paternity: As a Tennessee paternity lawyer, I will use DNA testing to determine the child’s true paternity.
  • Visitation: You have the right to spend a fair amount of time with your child. Do not let emotions control your case. I can help.
  • Contempt proceedings: These are very serious matters and you need legal advice and representation.
  • Post-judgment modifications: Modifications can be delicate and will require the aid of an experienced mediator and trial lawyer.
  • Restraining orders can be created as a response to many situations. Let me work with you to ensure the terms are fair and the facts are accurate.
  • Spousal support is never cut and dry and we will work together to reach a fair agreement.
  • Fighting adoptions: Adoptions are an emotional time for all parties. Let me help you remove emotion from the equation and fight to maintain your rights legally.

As a Father, You Have Rights

For many years, fathers have felt powerless during family law litigation. You are not powerless. You have rights and I understand them. As a Knoxville fathers’ rights attorney, I will work to make sure you are given fair parental rights. Let me work on your side to help you maintain a presence in your child’s life.

You Need a Knoxville Fathers’ Rights Attorney

Contact the Underwood Law Office, P.C. immediately and schedule a free thirty-minute consultation about your case.



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