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Helping Individuals Successfully Navigate The Divorce Process

Divorce is a drastic change in your life. There are many issues to resolve in your case and the laws relating to them are both confusing and intricate. Most likely this is the first time in your life you have needed an attorney. You need an experienced and dedicated legal advocate to steer you along the correct course. I have more than two decade’s worth of experience as a Knoxville divorce lawyer. I will use this experience to your advantage.

There are many issues surrounding divorce that I will help you through.

  • Child support and child custody is a primary concern in all divorces.
  • Property division, including assets from before and during the marriage, will be examined.
  • Spousal support
  • Uncontested or contested divorces, these questions will dictate your course of action in your circumstance.
  • Retirement accounts
  • Mediation is a quicker and more direct way of proceeding through a divorce before taking the case to trial.
  • Collaboration gets a bit more confusing as your collaboration attorney cannot represent you at trial. Contact me with questions about alternate methods of dispute resolution.

Trust a Tennessee Child Custody Attorney

At the Underwood Law Office, P.C., I am able to help you work through these issues with respect, dignity and honesty. I understand the problems, worries and emotions you might be up against. I know what questions you have about your children, your property and your finances. I know what you are worrying about and I can tell you what you are legally entitled to receive.

I have an aggressive reputation as a Knoxville divorce lawyer, that I have earned because I truly care about my clients. I will fight for everything you are entitled to and I will pursue your interests to the fullest. I am concerned about defending your assets, solidifying your finances and protecting your rights to spend time with your children.

Contact a Knoxville Divorce Lawyer Immediately

Serving Knoxville and communities throughout Eastern Tennessee for more than twenty years, the Underwood Law Office, P.C. is ready to protect your rights throughout your divorce. I am both an experienced mediator and trial lawyer and I want to help you. Please contact me to take advantage of a free thirty-minute consultation.



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