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Helping Families Resolve Child Custody And Support Matters

Divorce can certainly take a toll on both the parent and the child. I understand that you are worried about your child. I will use my experience to help you resolve the difficult agreements about child support and custody quickly so you can begin your new life. At the Underwood Law Office, P.C., I can provide you with personal attention and honest communication about your rights.

Knoxville Child Support Lawyer

Child support can be a difficult issue to come to an agreement on. This is why you need an experienced Knoxville child support lawyer on your side. I can explain your legal options and help you understand how the different facets of the law affect your specific circumstance.

  • Initial determinations where I will work to determine accurate wages of all parties and find out how much support will be based off of this amount.
  • Modifications may later be discussed where I will need to investigate why a situation has changed, how this change affects the initial determination and what can be done to make the initial determination more fair.
  • Contempt issues need to be addressed quickly. If you are being charged with contempt in a child support issue contact me immediately.

Tennessee Child Custody Attorney

In working towards a successful child custody agreement, I investigate all aspects of parental rights. The best interests of the child remain first and foremost in all of our discussions, but many variables will be examined.

  • Willingness to be able to provide for the child.
  • Does the parent have the proper resources or financial means to take care of the child?
  • Are there variables that might prevent a parent from being the primary caretaker such as substance abuse issues?
  • How old is the child or children?

Contact a Knoxville Child Support Lawyer

Your world is rapidly changing and you need an experienced Knoxville child support lawyer on your side. I have been providing legal advice and representation in family law for more than twenty years and I want to help you. Contact me for a free consultation.



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