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Understanding Financial Rights And Obligations During Divorce

During a marriage, both people grow accustomed to a certain lifestyle. However, if that marriage ends, both people may want to maintain that lifestyle. In situations where one spouse was the primary income-provider, he or she may be expected to pay alimony (more commonly called spousal support) to the other spouse after the marriage ends.

Whether you are concerned about how much spousal support you will be expected to pay or are wondering how much support you might receive, it is important to work with a Knoxville alimony attorney who can protect your rights and explain your options.

Underwood Law Office, P.C., does just that for clients throughout East Tennessee. Attorney Underwood has more than two decades of experience helping individuals understand their financial rights and options after a divorce.

Gatlinburg Spousal Support Lawyer

Spousal support is all about equity and equalizing the situation of each party after the divorce. Most spousal support is considered transitional, and it is paid for a pre-determined amount of time while each person grows accustomed to their new lives and accommodations.

If you are a CEO and your spouse stays home with the kids, Attorney Underwood can help make sure you only pay a fair amount. If you stay home with the kids while your spouse is out working, Attorney Underwood can help ensure you receive the financial support you need to successfully transition into the next chapter of your life.

Learn more about your financial rights and responsibilities after a divorce by contacting an experienced lawyer for a free initial consultation. Attorney Underwood can be reached online or by calling 865-329-6983.



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