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Protecting Individuals And Companies From Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is one of the most common types of discrimination that happens in the workplace. Harassment can take place in numerous forms — from comments or snide remarks to inappropriate pictures or demanding sexual favors quid pro quo.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is often coupled with retaliation efforts. In some situations, a manager may explicitly tell an employee that he or she will lose their job if they talk to HR about the harassment. In other situations, a company may claim to be cutting back, but you may be the only one in your department who sees any repercussions.

If you are being sexually harassed, or if your employee is filing a sexual harassment claim against your company, it is important to contact an experienced Knoxville sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible. Underwood Law Office, P.C., has more than two decades of experience working with employees and employers throughout East Tennessee to effectively and expeditiously resolve harassment matters. Contact attorney Underwood for a free, 30-minute consultation.

Knox County Attorney — Hostile Work Environments

One of the most important things to highlight in any discrimination case, whether you are the employee or the employer, is the importance of following your company’s internal procedures. At many companies, that means filing a complaint with your manager or going directly to HR to report the sexual harassment.

If you are thinking about filing a sexual harassment claim, it is important to utilize your internal resources along with contacting an attorney, as early as possible. Because the law requires you to exhaust your administrative remedies before you can sue, an aggressive lawyer contacted early enough can help you navigate that internal administrative process in a way that adds value to your case.

As an employee, be sure to keep a record of who you speak with, when you reported the sexual harassment and the names of any witnesses to the harassment. When developing your case, this can help your attorney investigate the situation and prove your claim.

When you contact attorney Underwood, he can help you determine the most effective way to obtain justice and fight against hostile work environments. Schedule your free initial consultation online or by calling 865-329-6983.



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