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Knoxville Truck & SUV Accident Attorney

On any given day, while traveling to work or school or running errands with your family, it is likely that you will see various types of motor vehicles — cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, 18-wheelers, motorcycles, campers, delivery vans and more. Some of these vehicles are larger than others. If you were injured by a larger vehicle, such as a truck, tractor-trailer or SUV, it is likely that you sustained serious injuries.

The Underwood Law Office, P.C., represents people throughout eastern Tennessee who were injured in truck and SUV accidents. With more than 20 years of personal injury experience, attorney Underwood knows the importance of becoming involved in his clients' cases as soon as possible. Contact the firm as soon as you can after your accident to arrange a free, 30-minute consultation.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer As Soon As Possible

The truck company will have its attorneys and investigators on the scene soon after the 18-wheeler accident. It is vital that you level the playing field by enlisting the help of an attorney as soon as you can. The sooner attorney Underwood becomes involved in your case, the better his chance at preserving vital evidence. All too often, evidence disappears, memories fade and data from GPS units and black boxes is erased. It is critical that attorney Underwood has access to the evidence before it can be "misplaced."

Truck and SUV accidents can result in serious injuries, including head injuries, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. The firm works with medical experts to obtain a clear understanding of the full extent of your injuries as well as the economic impact. Will you require medical treatment and surgeries? Will you be unable to return to work? Will your home require modifications to accommodate your disabilities caused by the truck accident? The firm gains a full understanding of the long-term implications of the accident, including the financial component and health concerns, to determine the appropriate settlement demand.

If your loved one was killed by a truck or SUV, the firm can assist with a wrongful death claim. The firm brings steadiness to an unsteady time, handling all legal matters so that you can focus on you and your family.

Attorney Underwood offers straightforward legal help to people injured in truck versus car accidents. For a free consultation to discuss your injuries, contact the firm online or call 865-329-6983. If your injuries prevent you from traveling to the firm's Knoxville office, attorney Underwood can come to the hospital or to your home.

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